Deliverables related to design of the plant trials


Description of the user requirements and top-level specifications of the diagnostics to be developed within this project.

Delivered March 2015

Based on a thorough investigation among putative end users of the diagnostics it was decided to focus on two tests for thinning practice and two for bitter pit management as visualised in the following pictures.

20160606_Deliverables_program thinning          20160606_Deliverables_risk assesment bitter pit


Protocols for sample generation for molecular analysis.

Samples representing differences in natural thinning capacity of the respective orchard as well as samples from orchards that differ in the response to thinning.

Regarding samples needed to develop molecular tests for bitter pit: samples from batches of apples that develop different percentages of bitter pit upon storage.

Delivered July 2015


Deliverable related to the molecular analysis


Indicator gene libraries for natural drop (Thinning test 1) and response to thinning (Thinning test 2), and for susceptibility to bitter pit development during storage (Bitter pit tests 1 and 2).


Deliverables related to the realization of molecular tests


Prototypes of the diagnostic kits: methodology and specifications.


Prototype of the compact lab (easy, on-site analysis of the activity of selected indicator genes).


Final version and of the diagnostic kits in terms of methodology (compact lab) and specifications.


Deliverable related to the practical validation of the molecular tests


Evaluation of the practical efficacy of the developed diagnostic kits.


Deliverables related to dissemination of the results


Press release at the start of the project.

Delivered July 2014


Interim plan for the use and dissemination of knowledge.

Delivered July 2015


Final plan for the use and dissemination of gained knowledge (foreground).


Realisation of a video clip showing the highlights of the AppleGenie Project.

Delivered February 2017.


Deliverables related to management and organisation of the AppleGenie Project


Realisation of the Consortium Agreement.

Delivered July 2014


Realisation of the Project’s Website.

Delivered February 2015